TheREDspace is the newest division of innovative IT startup TeamSpace.

TeamSpace was formed out of the initial research group that created Achordus collaboration software.

At TheREDspace, we are dedicated to developing rich, engaging experiences using the latest architectures and design techniques.

Senior Solution Developer

TheREDspace has helped me take my career as an IT and Software Development Professional to the next level. I've found that there is a direct correlation between meeting expectations and gaining more and more responsibilities on core team projects. Eventually, I moved from the MOM team to the NICK team and became a "Senior Solution Developer". Title changes like that often mean little but a small raise, but for me it was a significant achievement because it symbolized a transformation that I really felt in moving from an Intermediate-level developer to an Advanced developer with over 5 years of solid experience behind me.


Researched and implemented an HTML5 Player to upgrade the previously Flash-only experiences for all the Nickelodeon family of sites.

Continued Blogging and developping Open Source software on evenings and weekends, to keep my skills sharp and relevant (which often allowed me to bring new ideas to my work at TheREDspace).


  • Upgraded a major portion of the PHP-based BabyNamesWorld by porting to Java Spring/Tiles for ParentsConnect
  • Shared lead front-end development duties on the Nickelodeon family of websites, implemented in:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Java (JSP and JSTL)
    • Spring Framework
    • Apache Tiles


  • HalifaxTED TEDx Halifax was more than just a small group of technology enthusiasts, but a platform for connecting to everyone, from business leaders and fellow researchers, to job recruiters and brilliant developers. (It has since been re-branded as TEDx Nova Scotia)


  1. OpenRecommender - Building A Scalable Open Source Recommendation Engine


RecSys 2012

ACM Recommender Systems Conference 2012
Date: September 9th-13th
Burlington Hotel - Dublin, Ireland
DEMO Session on my OpenRecommender open source recommendation engine project.